Start your Academic Adventure with the Otago MBA

Relocating to New Zealand

If you’re looking to move to Dunedin to join the adventure on the Otago MBA keep reading; the following information is intended to assist you with the move.

Whether you’re moving on your own or bringing your family with you, information provided here and on the Dunedin City Council’s website will help you get oriented towards the city before you even arrive. And once you’re here – we will continue to provide assistance as you get to know Dunedin as your home!

Visa Application

For international students who intend to stay in New Zealand to work after graduation, you may be eligible for a work visa under Immigration New Zealand Study to Work category. For student visa application, please click here.


Dunedin International Airport is located approximately 30 minutes drive from the city centre. When you first arrive in Dunedin we will make arrangements for you to be met by someone from the programme.


The major banks available in Dunedin are ASB, ANZ, Westpac and Bank of New Zealand; many of which are located very close to the campus.

Employment Search

This section is provided to assist any partners or family members who may be moving to Dunedin with you if they will be looking for work. The Otago Daily times is Dunedin’s local newspaper, their Wednesday & Saturday editions have job listings as does the ODT online edition. Another recommendation when searching for Employment in Dunedin is

Health Practitioner

Student Health Services is a team of health professionals committed to your overall well-being during your life as a student; for more information visit their website.


New Zealand’s education system is generally broken into three main categories ‘Young Child (0-5 years), Child (5-13 years), and Teens (13–19 years). To look for a school for your children we recommend you visit the Ministry of Education’s ‘>Team-Up website’ and then talk to us for assistance.


There are many great facilities and things to do in Dunedin. You may wish to check out these websites for more information: Moana Pool, Hoyts & Rialto Cinemas, Fortune Theatre, Otago Museum, and Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Additionally check out the Dunedin City Council website for information on walks and biking tracks around the city.


  • Driving – Remember to keep left! If you are used to driving on the right hand side of the road, you will need to concentrate when you are driving in New Zealand. You can use your international drivers licence for one year, but when the year has ended you must obtain a New Zealand Driver’s License. You will have to pass a theory test and depending on the country you have come from, a practical driving test as well. If you choose to drive in New Zealand it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with New Zealand road rules. If you would like information on Driving in New Zealand please check out the Land Transport website.
  • Buses – Dunedin has a good bus service and many of the buses around Dunedin drive near or through our campus. You can view the bus timetables on their website.
  • Taxis – Dunedin has many taxi companies, so there should always be taxis available for you when required. We don’t usually “wave down” taxis as you do in other countries but some may stop if they are empty. Look in the Yellow Pages in the phone book under ‘T’ to call one up and there are also stations around town where taxis wait.
  • Cycling – if you wish to cycle around Dunedin, please remember that everyone must wear a helmet (it is law in NZ). Front and backlights are required if cycling after dark. It’s also a good idea to wear reflective clothing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the below, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!