Start your Academic Adventure with the Otago MBA

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDipBusAdmin) is a shorter postgraduate level business qualification than the MBA. However as a PGDipBusAdmin student, you will still attend the same classes as the MBA students.

To complete the PGDipBusAdmin you need 120 points from the list of core MBA papers below. Each paper is worth 15 points with the exception of BMBA 530, Business Project, which is worth 30 points.  Students may take 8 core papers offered on the Otago MBA programme, or 6 core papers and a 30-point business project: 

  • BMBA 501 Business Law
  • BMBA 502 Marketing
  • BMBA 503 Organisational Leadership
  • BMBA 504 Statistics and Decision Tools
  • BMBA 505 Economics
  • BMBA 506 Human Resource Management
  • BMBA 507 Accounting
  • BMBA 508 Investment and Global Financial Markets
  • BMBA 509 Strategic Planning for International Markets
  • BMBA 510 Leading Sustainable Enterprises
  • BMBA 511 Operational Excellence
  • BMBA 512 International Business
  • BMBA 513 Strategy Implementation
  • BMBA 530 Business Project

The Postgraduate Diploma can be completed in 15 months when undertaken online, 9 months when undertaken full-time on campus, or 2-3 years on a part-time on campus basis. It provides a fast pathway to acquiring the basic business skills to manage or run a business.

Students may proceed on to complete the Otago MBA, by undertaking the remaining four core papers and either electives or a business project (worth 60 points).

Progression on to the MBA is dependent on:

  • your overall performance as a student
  • your approach to learning
  • your contribution to group work
  • your grades

Benefits of the PGDipBusAdmin

  • Build business skills to manage or run a business
  • Flexible study pathways
  • Opportunity to proceed on with the Otago MBA
  • Options of full-time, part-time or online learning