For its small class size, the Otago MBA punches above its weight as a world class MBA.  The on-going commitment of Otago MBA to meet the ever changing needs of future business leaders saw the programme ranked:

  • 2018:  top 200 full-time MBA globally by QS
  • 2018:  top 21-26 full-time MBA in Asia Pacific by QS
  • 2017:  4th best Online MBA worldwide by London-based CEO Magazine
  • 2017:  24th best Online MBA worldwide by QS
  • 2017:  4th best full-time MBA in Oceania by Eduniversal
  • 2017:  3rd best part-time MBA in Oceania by Eduniversal
  • 2017:  top 250 full-time MBA globally for superior research and employability by QS
  • 2017:  top-tier global MBA by London-based CEO Magazine
  • 2016 : 5 for Oceania by Eduniversal Best MBA
  • 2015:  11 for Oceania by Eduniversal Best MBA
  • 2014:  32 top MBA for Asia Pacific by QS
  • 2012:  35 top MBA raising stars in the world by FINDYOURMBA.COM.

The programme has ranked many times in respected international Top 100 MBA rankings such as The Economist's Which MBA and the Financial Times.

  • Financial Times 2001
  • The Economist 2005
  • The Economist 2006

Dual EQUIS and AACSB Accreditation

The Master of Business Administration from the University of Otago is internationally recognised, and our graduates are aligned with those from the best business schools in the world.

The University of Otago School of Business is accredited by the two leading international agencies, EQUIS and AACSB.

Business schools that are accredited by either EQUIS or AACSB, to say nothing of being accredited by both, are considered the best in the world.

MBA accreditation is an assurance that a qualification stands up to a set of rigorous standards, an indicator of exceptional quality and commitment to continual improvement to maintain that high status.

Because business operates globally, it is imperative that an accredited Master of Business Administration can be easily recognised anywhere in the world.

Accreditation is not easy

Globally 118 business schools have EQUIS accreditation, from 34 countries
Just over 600 business schools have AACSB accreditation, but only around 100 of these are outside the United States
Only 77 hold both, of which Otago Business School is one of them.

European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

EQUIS Accredited Business School

EFMD is recognised internationally as an accreditation agency of quality in management education with established accreditation services for business schools. EQUIS is the accreditation given by EFMD. It assesses institutions as a whole. To become accredited as we have done, a business school or college must show a very high standard of operation across all their activities including research, executive education and business community outreach. EQUIS also places great importance on there being a high degree of internationalisation in each School.

AACSB Accredited

AACSB is considered the highest and most reputable standard in business education. Members include Harvard, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago and nearly all other highly ranked and well-known schools. As of April 2011, around 600 schools have AACSB accreditation world-wide.

Find out more about AACSB Accreditation.