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Online MBA Fees

The tuition fees for the Online MBA programme are charged on a pay as you go basis.

Phase One of the programme is comprised of 12 papers (courses) each valued at 15 points (academic credits). Phase Two has a number of options (e.g. business project, international exchange, electives) and has a total value of 60 points.  

Fees for on-campus part-time study and online study are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. Phase one can be completed in two years and consists of 12 papers each valued at 15 points. Phase two is 60 points and can be taken in a number of different ways. Currently the fees for domestic students are NZD2,060 per phase one paper. This will likely be increased to NZD2,150 in 2017. For international students, the fees are currently NZD2,625 per phase one paper and this is expected to be NZD2,750 in 2017.

Assuming it takes two and a half years to complete the MBA, here are the likely approximate fees scenarios:


Phase One (2017) – NZD2,150 per paper (15 points) x 6 papers = NZD12,900

Phase One (2018) – NZD2,240 per paper (15 points) x 6 papers = NZD13,440

Phase Two (2019) – NZD9,320 (60 points)

Total (240 points) = NZD35,660


Phase One (2017) - NZD2,750 per paper (15 points) x 6 papers = NZD16,500

Phase One (2018) - NZD2,860 per paper (15 points) x 6 papers = NZD17,160

Phase Two (2019) - NZ$11,900 (60 points)

Total (240 points) = NZD45,560

Additional information about fees

  • Fees are inclusive of 15% GST (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax).
  • Tuition fees do not include any of the University’s sundry charges.
  • Some costs such as additional or specialised printing, stationery, and special events or trips are not included in the fee.