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Online MBA - Amazing Feedback from our Students

The Otago Online MBA was off to a fantastic start.  Since we launched our Online MBA in May 2015, applications has been streaming in fast from high-achievers who want to hone their business skills and advance their careers.  Many of our applicants applied to our Online MBA because of the innovative and effective delivery approach we have taken.  After the successful start of two cohorts, we are now inviting applications for our third intake in April 2016.

Amazing Feedback

At the end of every paper, we run a student survey.  Here are some of the anonymous students’ comments:

  • “Absolutely brilliant at all levels.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised with the course content. If I'm honest I thought it might have been a bit boring and kind of obvious (sorry!), however I found it absolutely fascinating. Completely proved me wrong.”
  • “Content and the scope were very well balanced and delivered. Lectures were very well prepared and entertaining. In addition, we were well informed about expectations and each of the assessments.”
  • “Really enjoyed it. All material was relevant to practical business use which is really the biggest test as this is why we are doing an MBA. I really liked it how Julia did explain theory but used practical examples to exemplify so therefore relevant.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyable content and very relevant to my working environment. This has helped me grow as an individual in my current role, and helped me to more clearly observe and interpret behaviours of colleagues.”

The Otago Online MBA Approach - interactive, live, collaborative

Lectures are delivered live over the Internet through our e-learning system twice a week in the evenings. Students participate in interactive discussions with classmates through breakout sessions.  Group assignments are discussed in virtual syndicate rooms provided by the Otago MBA.

We have successfully retained the same rigorous curriculum of our on-campus MBA, the interactive style, and the practical applications through real life case studies and business projects.Our lecturers teach both on-campus and online where their schedules allow.  Students participate in similar assignments and examinations as the on-campus programme.

When our online students were asked what they enjoyed most, here is how some responded:

  • “First time in my education (through secondary school and undergraduate study) that I have felt truly engaged in my study.”
  • “The fact the quality of the course wasn't watered down due to the distance learning. Especially enjoyed the syndicate workshops.”
  • “Interactive sessions, case study presentations, break-out groups, sharing my own professional experience/anecdotes.”

We are very proud. The students also responded with some really good suggestions which we can develop, and they shared experiences that the people involved in the next papers can learn from. 

We have extracted a video from a case study and you can click the above to view how our interactive case study is conducted.

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