Sophie Zareei

  • Current Position:
    Online MBA IT Technical Support Specialist
  • Previous Position:
    Research Assistant, University of Malaya
  • Education:
    Master of Computer Science, University of Malaya
  • Country of Origin:
Study in a comfortable and flexible learning environment, and take your career to a new height.

Current Responsibilities and Goals

  • Support students and lecturers with orientation, particularly relating to software and hardware
  • Support students and lecturers on the Online MBA by providing technical back-up and advice
  • Troubleshoot systems and network problems
  • Provide other support as necessary for the Otago Online MBA programme

International work and industry experience

Sophie worked as demonstrator/tutor for 2 semesters of her PhD programme at the University of Otago before joing the Online MBA team. Sophie`s PhD research focuses on employing human motion energy to transmit data, run smart electronic devices like fitness gadgets, and so on. She was formerly research assistant in the field of information literacy in the work place during her master study in the University of Malaya.

Why does Sophie like working in the MBA programme?

The Otago MBA is truly a great place to work and learn. Everyone is smart, kind and friendly to interact with. You get a lot of support to follow the dream you wish to pursue in this lovely environment.

Why does Sophie think that Otago MBA is a great place to study in?

Otago MBA can provide you with new skills in the workplace. You will have the opportunity to meet talented individuals from all over the world who may potentially become a business partner, mentor or friend. The education and qualification it offers can open up many career opportunities.