Karen Bosworth

  • Current Position:
    Programme Delivery Assistant
  • Previous Position:
    • Team Leader-Pendragon PLC;
    • Audit Clerk-British Midland International
  • Education:
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
Quality is not an act; it is a habit.

Goals and missions

Karen works closely with her colleagues to deliver quality programmes. This includes coordinating events and conferences, maintaining databases, processing payments and all of the individual needs of the participants that attend our courses.  Karen provides administration support to both the MBA Manager and also the Executive Education Manager.

Her goals and missions are to help deliver optimum service to the students and clients for both of the departments.

International work experience

Karen worked for sixteen and a half years within the airline industry in the UK, she worked in a team which was responsible for the internal accounts. Karen got to travel all over Europe and jetset to many parts of the world. She settled in NZ 9 years ago.

Reasons she enjoys working in the Otago MBA programme

Karen enjoys working closely with students and clients to make sure that the quality of the course that we have to offer is really showcased.  And she develops excellent rapport with students.