Jessica Henry

  • Current Position:
    MBA Manager
  • Previous Position:
    • Business Information Specialist, Auckland University of Technology
    • Research Publications Officer, Auckland University of Technology
    • Degree Facilitator Yoobee School of Design
    • Lecturer – Psychology and Research Meth
    • Education:
      • Master of Arts (Human Services), Auckland University of Technology
      • Bachelor of Business (Management), Auckland University of Technology
      • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Auckland University of Technology
    • Country of Origin:
      New Zealand
Balancing work, life and study can be difficult sometimes, but further education is always worth the effort. Be open-minded to new experiences and say yes to opportunities that arise during your studies.

Current Responsibilities and Goals:

Together with Laura (Programme Delivery Assistant), Jessica works to make sure the MBA programme runs as smoothly as possible. This includes all of the day to day aspects from time of acceptance in the MBA programme through to completion and graduation from the MBA. They work with academic staff and business leaders in the community to ensure the MBA programme is relevant and valuable to students undertaking our programme.

Why does Jessica like working in the MBA programme?

Jessica most enjoys getting to know students on our programme, and helping them to navigate study during their busy lives. Her background is in psychology – and her thesis was about the stress that students deal with - so she can certainly empathise with MBA students balancing busy home and work roles alongside study! She also believes it is great that we have students and lecturers from really diverse backgrounds, which makes the programme all the more interesting and relevant.

Why does she think that Otago MBA is a great place to study in?

Jessica believes that the Otago MBA is a great programme because of the flexible pathways we offer. Additionally, our online MBA allows a level of flexibility that is great for people who cannot commit to full-time study, or do not want to commit to studying in one location.

Having just relocated to Dunedin herself, she loves this city and thinks that our on-campus programme is a great opportunity for students. Dunedin has all the benefits of living in a city but on a smaller scale with friendlier people and lower living costs!