Jenna Anderson

  • Current Position:
    Business Development Manager, Executive Programmes
  • Previous Position:
    • Marketing Muse for Kaiser Creative Studio (marketing agency)
    • Operations Manager for Amplifier International (digital software)
    • Digital Sales Account Manager for Traction Digital (email marketing software)
  • Education:
    • BCom Marketing -University of Otago
    • PGDip Marketing-University of Otago
  • Country of Origin:
    New Zealand
You will be able to learn something new every day on the MBA Programme; just remember that learning is not a spectators sport.

Goals and Missions

Jenna’s roles and responsibilities span across both the Otago MBA and Executive Education.  She manages the Otago MBA programme student admissions, recruitment and selection, and is handles of the overall management of the Executive Education portfolio.

Jenna is passionate in helping others to grow their understanding of the business world and ensures that the Executive Education courses are practical, supportive and highly engaging.

Her mission for the Otago MBA is to ensure that the programme has a strong quality of students and that the students are adequately equip to handle the rigorous curriculum.


International work experience

Jenna has been working in Dunedin for the past 5 years after 4 years living in Queensland, Australia. Jenna has worked for international companies such as Spark, News Limited and IPMG with a strong focus on customer service and marketing. Jenna has excellent relationship management skills and has successfully run campaigns for companies such as Unilever, Cadbury, Sunshine Coast Tourism, Otago Rugby, Otago Cricket, MYOB along with many SME’s. More recently Jenna has moved into Operations roles and has worked for several local start up’s, where her range in experience helped to launch them into market.


Global Perspective

Jenna loves working with people from all areas of the world. Having worked within the NZ, Australian, American, Canadian, European and South African markets, Jenna understands the importance of a global collective. The ability to continue her involvement in global markets while working on the Executive Programmes team means that Jenna is able to engage with many cultures and demonstrate the innovation that the Otago University has to offer.