Hester Cheong

  • Current Position:
    Web Marketing Manager, Executive Programmes
  • Previous Position:
    • Project Manager, NZ Inst for Plant & Food Research;
    • Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Printronix;
    • Marketing Program Manager for Asia Pacific, Hewlett-Packard
  • Education:
    • MSc Distinction-University of Liverpool/Chester;
    • MBA-Manchester Business School;
    • B.Eng(Hons)-National University of Singapore
  • Country of Origin:
    • Singapore
You have invested a lot in your MBA, so get the most out of it.

Pursuing an MBA degree is a commitment to one’s career development. In addition to acquiring hard knowledge, remember that developing soft skills is equally important - often that's what gives you the extra edge. The Otago MBA programme offers you opportunities in both."

Goals and Missions

In supporting the Otago MBA programme, Hester seeks to:

  • Develop strategies to communicate the Otago MBA value proposition and difference online
  • Manage campaigns for student recruitments ensuring our reach to quality applicants
  • Oversee use of the Otago MBA social media as communication channels for current and potential students, as well as our alumni.

International Industry Experience

Hester is an experienced marketing manager with about 16 years of Asia Pacific marketing management experience and a wide scope of marketing and communication activities. Before joining the Otago MBA team, she was working with the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research as project manager for the aspireforlife.com project. This website provides online professional consulting service for those struggling with body weight issue, who need professional advice and monitoring.

Her last held position before moving to New Zealand was as Regional Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific for Printronix, an American multi-national company (MNC), which manufactures and markets industrial printer products. Amongst the notable companies Hester had worked with also include Hewlett-Packard, IBM and the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Since her job with the NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research, Hester decided to make a career move from marketing in the fast growing Asia Pacific region in the rapidly changing technology sector to focus on Internet marketing. The Internet is often the first stop for information these days especially for the younger generation and has presented a new exciting paradigm in marketing.

Reasons Hester enjoys working in the MBA programme

Seeing all the eager faces of the students reminds Hester of the days when she was an MBA student. She can fully understand and identify with the enthusiasm and anticipation of a new phase in one’s career.

Besides, the Otago MBA is an excellent programme, with activities and content comparable to or exceeding that of any top ranked MBA programme. Additionally, the cost of pursuing an MBA here is much less than that in many of the other developed countries even after a scholarship award. Otago is a beautiful place to study and work in. With favourable ‘product’ and ‘pricing’, it is then about promotion and positioning. Here is where Hester believes she can contribute and make a positive difference.

Global Perspective

In a world of fast changing dynamics amidst the rise of new economic influences and increasing globalisation, it is important to build skills to manage successfully in this environment. Having managed regional marketing in Asia Pacific, worked in American multi-national companies, studied in UK, she has personally witnessed cultural differences first hand – customer preferences and way of looking at product benefits in different geographies could be as extreme as being opposite to each other due to environmental or culture differences. She appreciates the Otago MBA’s emphasis on developing the important skills for this new post modern era, and works toward promoting a multi-cultural environment through her promotion campaigns.