Dr Sergio Biggemann

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

  • Area of Specialisation:
    • Business Marketing,
    • Supply Chain Management,
    • Business Relationships
  • Faculty/Key Office: Senior Lecturer in Marketing, University of Otago
  • Education:
    • Doctor of Business Administration - Macquarie University, Sydney
    • Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Management and Public Policy - Catholic University of Bolivia
When I did my Master in Management and Public Policy it changed my life; when I did my MBA, it changed my company

International teaching and industry experience

Over the last 15 years, Sergio has taught in more than fifteen countries around the world. He has taught in many Latin American countries, stretching from Mexico in the north to Paraguay in the south, and also in USA, Turkey and Germany. His researches match the equivalent in international coverage, stretching from Sweden to Australia, and across to Chile. Sergio has extensive business experience in a wide number of industries, including, mining, parts recovery and machinery maintenance, silverware manufacturing, paints manufacturing, forestry, and lately, information technology industries.

Reasons Sergio enjoys teaching in the MBA programme

Sergio said, ‘When I did my Master in Management and Public Policy it changed my life; when I did my MBA, it changed my company. You, too, have the same opportunity in your hands.’ The best part of teaching to Sergio is also at the same time learning, and MBA students with their diversity of background both culturally and professionally offer the most suitable environment for this to happen.

Global Perspective

In his part of the Marketing course, Sergio focuses on special marketing topics. They include business marketing, relationship marketing, and service marketing, to mention a few. Dealing with these topics requires a broad, borderless transcultural perspective. It takes a view of organisations as parts of an orchestra scattered around the globe working in coordination and co-creating value to satisfy customers’ needs.

Sergio also advises his students to ‘come to your lectures prepared, read the case studies and accompanying readings, and bring your questions to the classroom. Be part of the class discussion, share your experience, and learn from the experiences of others. Also keep an open mind, respect the opinion of others and listen to their argument and learn to build a strong argument of your own.’