Dr Richard Greatbanks

Senior Lecturer

  • Area of Specialisation: Senior Lecturer Operations Management
  • Faculty/Key Office: Senior Lecturer Operations Management
  • Education: BSc(CNAA) , MSc PhD(Manc) , CEng MIEE
The nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are increasingly being expected to operate and deliver in a more professional and business-like manner.

Richard is a Chartered Manufacturing Engineer and has held several technical and managerial positions within Aerospace manufacture. After spending more than thirteen years in the UK Aerospace industry, Richard moved to academia.

Research interests

Richard’s research interests are:

  • operations management
  • quality process improvement
  • performance measurement, particularly in conjunction with SME organizations
  • operational excellence within service

Richard has recently had a report launched in Auckland. This is a commissioned piece for Philanthropy New Zealand, which reports on the findings of a national benchmarking survey of grantmaking practice within New Zealand, undertaken earlier this year.

Teaching interests

Richard’s teaching interests are:

  • Quality and Operations Management

Teaching responsibilities

Richard’s teaching responsibilities include:

  • MANT 251 Managing Organisations (Semesters 1 & 2)
  • MANT 333 Quality and Operational Excellence (Semester 2)
  • MANT 425 Advanced Operations Management 1 (Semester 2)

Research supervision

Richard's areas of research interest include:

  • Lean Thinking applications within Healthcare environments

Whilst Lean Thinking within healthcare is not a new concept, many aspects are still not fully understood, and there are also aspects of Lean Thinking which the literature indicates are not fully applied or implemented within healthcare environments. Potential PhD research projects will focus on exploring why some aspects of Lean are not full deployed in health, and investigate the barriers to and implications of this situation.

  • Evaluation and performance measurement within For Benefit (nonprofit and philanthropic) organisations

Within New Zealand the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors are increasingly being expected to operate and deliver in a more professional and business-like manner. Yet recent research indicates that such organisations are struggling to apply and benefit from many business practices, including performance measurement approaches used in public and commercial focused organisations. These PhD research projects will explore the levels of performance management development in ‘For Benefit’ sector organisations, and define the barriers and consequent strategies which need to be deployed to allow this sector to perform more effectively.

  • The application of quality process improvement techniques in service and nonprofit organisations

Over the last three decades, many of the quality improvement tools, techniques and approaches have been proven to work well in manufacturing and commercial environments. Yet these same approaches have not delivered the same benefits to other sectors such as public services, healthcare and nonprofit organisations. These PhD projects will explore the specific nature of the chosen sector and look at which improvement methodologies have been used, and to what effect, and why others have not.

Aside from teaching on the MBA programme, Richard is willing to work with interested PhD students to develop research projects which fit both the student’s interest and the Department’s research scope. All research is expected to be undertaken within a New Zealand context, and assistance will be offered to gain access to suitable organisations if required.