Emma Burke

Senior Associate, Anderson Lloyd

  • Area of Specialisation:
    • Corporate and Commercial
    • Construction and Infrastructure
    • Contract Law
  • Faculty/Key Office:
    • Senior Associate, Anderson Lloyd
  • Education:
    • LLB (Hons)
    • BA
The Business Law paper is designed to give students an insight into the legal framework that governs businesses in New Zealand.

Key legal principles will be explained and then applied to case studies to demonstrate practical application.  The course has a strong practical focus with an emphasis on "real world" experiences.

International teaching and industry experience:

I have been practising as a commercial lawyer for 14 years, and have worked for top tier firms in Auckland and London prior to returning home to Dunedin in 2009. I have advised many corporate clients on a broad range of issues and transactions, including structuring advice, business acquisitions and divestments, joint ventures and commercial contracts. I am a guest lecturer at the Otago Polytechnic and I am very excited about being involved in the University of Otago's Online MBA programme.

Why do you like teaching in the MBA programme?

My goal is to deliver a practical course that will assist students in the business world. This paper gives students a basic understanding of the legal principles relevant to carrying on business in New Zealand. It introduces students to legal documents that are commonly used by businesses to document corporate structures and enter into transactions. It also gives students the tools to interpret legal obligations contained in legal documents and in statutes. Finally, students will learn how to access useful resources freely available to businesses in New Zealand.

What global perspective is reflected in your course/teaching?

This course primarily focusses on business law in the New Zealand context, however many of the principles covered will have global application. The legal framework governing business law in New Zealand has been developed over many years, and the New Zealand legal system often looks to other jurisdictions, particularly Australia and the UK, to assist with developing law and legislation in New Zealand. The skills taught in this course, including analysis and application of legal principles  and statutory interpretation, will apply both nationally and internationally.