Prof Elizabeth Rose

Professor of Management, Associate Dean – International

  • Area of Specialisation:
    • International business, Strategic management, Data analysis and modelling
  • Faculty/Key Office:
    • Professor of Management & Associate Dean – International, University of Otago Business School
    • Vice President – Administration, Academy of International Business
  • Education:
    • PhD (University of Michigan), AM (University of Michigan), MSE (University of Michigan), BSE (Princeton University)
Be open to learning from a wide variety of sources. This period of study is a precious gift… although it may not always seem like it at crunch times!

International teaching and industry experience

Beth Rose has spent the bulk of her career in academia, having held academic appointments at universities in the US (University of Southern California), Finland (Aalto University) and New Zealand (Auckland, VUW and now Otago). She joined the University of Otago as Professor of Management in 2013, ending a four-year period of commuting between her job in Helsinki, Finland and her home on Stewart Island. Beth’s research deals with various aspects of how firms undertake business across national borders, especially with respect to how firms take decisions about when and where to internationalise, and how they compete with each other in various parts of the world.

Reasons Beth enjoys teaching in the MBA programme

She really enjoys having the opportunity to teach MBA students an array of quantitative tools that allow them to analyse real-world data with confidence, and to know that they will be able to use these approaches in the business world.

Global Relevance

Beth’s primary academic focus is on the field of International Business, so that permeates all of her teaching. She is a dual citizen of New Zealand and the United States, and lived in Finland for four years. She is active in a variety of professional associations (Academy of International Business, Academy of Management, Association of Japanese Business Studies, Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy, Strategic Management Society, etc), which means that she spends a somewhat ridiculous amount of time in airports and at 36,000 feet.