Dr Anindya Sen

Lecturer, University of Otago

  • Area of Specialisation:
    • Finance, Statistics, Mathematics
  • Faculty/Key Office:
    • Lecturer, University of Otago, Executive Programmes and Dept of Finance.,
    • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
  • Education:
    • PhD in Mathematics, University of Chicago,
    • Bachelor of Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute,
    • FSA Certificate in Financial Regulations
Statistics and Finance are extremely relevant in the corporate world.

Anindya teaches courses in Statistics and Finance in the MBA programme and the Finance department. He is also the Academic Leader for the Otago MBA.  Both subjects are extremely relevant in the corporate world and have a significant quantitative component. He strongly recommends that anyone taking his papers be comfortable with mathematics at the GMAT level at least (but more is always merrier).

International teaching and industry experience

Anindya has been lecturing in both the Departments of Executive Programmes and Finance. He brings with him a wealth of experience both as an academic and a practitioner. He was formerly lecturing at the Indian Institute of Management, one of India’s leading business schools. Prior to this, he worked for four years as a Quantitative Strategist at leading investment banks, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in London. His primary responsibility involved modelling complex financial derivatives and designing customized financial products for clients.

Reasons Anindya enjoys teaching in the MBA programme

The Otago MBA programme gives Anindya the opportunity to interact with students from very diverse backgrounds. During his tenure in the programme, he has taught students from across five continents with ages ranging from 22 to 60! He finds this to be a challenging, but ultimately, very rewarding teaching experience.

He also appreciates the cordial attitude of the MBA administration members who, he feels, are very dedicated to ensuring that students in the programme get a world class education.

Global Perspective

The material taught in Anindya’s courses is universally applicable and not confined to any cultural or regional context. In his teaching, he tries to demonstrate this fact by drawing on examples from various disciplines including multiple areas of management, and if necessary, even the natural sciences.